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Friday, December 08, 2006

This song is one of my favorite ever. It's just two guitars and a gentle female voice, which sings a wonderful lyrics. The second part of the song is entirely instrumental, with the voice echoing with the guitars.

Btw, I have learned to play this tune on the guitar, and I must say it's not that easy at it seems.

Always btw, this song was part of the soundtrack of Chrono Cross, a PS2 game. I have never played it, and know little about it, but it's remarkable that one of the best songs I have ever heard was in a game. I think this is another proof that when Japaneses are up to something, they always do their best.

Radical Dreamers~盗めない宝石~
nusumenai houseki
gemme inderubabili
Unstealable jewels

(Chrono Cross Ending Theme)
Music: MITSUDA yasunori
Lyrics: MITOSE Noriko
Singer: MITOSE Noriko

幼い手に包んだ 震えてるその光を
Osanaite ni tsutsunda furueteru sono hikari wo
Quella luce che tremola nelle tue giovani mani
That light that is trembling in your young hands

koko made tadotte kita
hai portato fino a qui
you brought it up to here

jikan no fuchi wo samayoi
un viaggio negli abissi del tempo
a travel in the abysses of times

sagashitsuzukete kita yo
Sei venuto a continuare la tua ricerca!
You came here to bring on your search!

namae sae shiranai keredo
Non conosco nemmeno il tuo nome, ma
I don't even know your name, but

tada hitotsu no omoi wo
solo un unico pensiero
there's just one thought

anata ni tewatashitakute
vorrei consegnare fra le tue mani
that I would like to pass in your hands

歴史(とき)は 愛も痛みも
toki wa ai mo itami mo
Ogni tanto(*), l'amore e persino il dolore
At times(*), embrace deeply

fukaku dakitome
abbracciali profondamente
the love, and even the pain

消してくけど 私は覚えている
keshiteku kedo watashi wa oboeteiru
Essi svaniranno, ma io li ricorderò
As they will fade, but I will remember them

Per sempre


watashi no mune no oku ni
Nella parte interna del mio petto
In the inner part of my chest

いつからか 響いていた
itsukara ka hibiteita
chissà da quando ha iniziato a risuonare
it begun to echo, I don't know since when

yotsuyu no shizuku yori mo
più eterea di una goccia di rugiada notturna
more ethereal than a drop of night dew

微かな 囁きだけど
kasuka na sasayaita kedo
mi è stata sussurrata, ma
it has been whispered to me, but

凍(い)て付く星の闇へ 紡(つむ)ぐ祈りが
itezuku hoshi no yami e tsumugu inori ga
è una preghiera che intesso verso la notte delle stelle gelide
I will endlessly repeat it as a prayer to the darkness of the frozen star

遠い貴方の空に 届くように...
tooi anata no sora ni todoku you ni
affinché raggiunga il tuo distante cielo
so that it may reach your distant sky

(*) This is a "ateji", a reading change. Japaneses often use this effect in poetry and songs; they write a word in ideograms, but pronounce it differently than usual. Here we have the ideograms for "rekishi", History, that is spoken as "toki", time.


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