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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

After 1 year of silence, I am finally able to break it. Although there are still some formal details to be processed, major changes are incoming in my life, so, the reasons that required me to keep silent about my current life and working status are vanishing.

I took the occasion in a gap between my professional occupations to finish my long novel: Rai'an (future peace).

Click here for being linked there.

The novel is in Italian, so, if you don't understand this language (I might be biased, but is common saying that it's one of the most beautiful languages in the world), it will be useless to you, I am afraid.

It's about a time travel back to Japan of the Hei'an period, around the year 1000. However, the time travel is just an excuse to be able to place a modern scientist in an ancient environment.

Although there is adventure, romance action, there's much space also for a historic reconstruction of the everyday living and generic cultural environment of the pre-medieval Japan. This period is one of the most mysterious in the history of Japan, as not much documentation has come to us, except for the very probably much embellished stories that the Imperial Court wrote about itself. In fact, modern researches are revealing many aspects of the culture, everyday living and religion of the place and time that was nearly unsuspected just 10-20 years ago. In this novel, I am trying to explore the ancient Japan as it's being revealed by the most advanced researches in the field.

So, if you can read Italian, and are into time travel and/or ancient Japan stuff, jump in and have a look at my Lulu showcase.

Update: E-book now added. Here you can read an extended preview, before buying from the above link.


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