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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today, in Italy, in the country where the prime minister left arm and founder of its Party is under trial for participation in Mafia organizations, and where the Prime Minister is under trial for judge corruption, for the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD, network service providers have been condemned to jail because of a video leaked on the network they are in charge of administrate by a user.

Original article (in Italian).

Not the user that leaked the video. Which would be terrible enough. But the providers. In this case, Google itself.

Not even the Iranian government, not even the Myanmar government arrived to this point. They prosecuted the publishing of the ideas, but not the media through which those ideas was published.

An immediate, formal and firm protest of the world internet community is absolutely in order, to avoid that this happens also in your country.

The fact that this happened in Italy, a country where free speech is formally granted by our Constitution and ensured by a rich body of ordinary laws, is a warn and admonishment for all the "free" and "democratic" countries in the world. This can happen even in your country, and even if your country consider itself a Home for free speech.

Fight back now, or it will be too late.

Please, send a mail to the President of the Italian Republic, which has the power to lessen the effectiveness of this sentence in our legal system:

Republic President's webmail.

If other governments think they can do that because Italy did that, it will be a dark day for us all. Stop this from happening.


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