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Friday, September 04, 2009

There are songs that you overhear without paying too much attention to them. You just generally like them, but nothing more. 'Till, one day, you stop listening really what the singer has to say and you find a little jewel where you just spotted some glowing in the sand.

Shimamiya Eiko's "Ozone", from "Endless Loop", is one of those songs. It's simple and elegant in its melody, yet catchy. You just listen to it and get slowly grabbed by the skillful and female voice, by the solid yet discrete underlying arrangement, by the simple and elegant piano inciso.

And when the melody and harmony finally convince you, you start to listen the song. A monologue thought as a dialogue with her lover, now gone, and the pain he caused. Oh, there's plenty of those songs around, you'd say.

Yeah, but this one is overwhelmingly sincere. In our western culture, where emotion bursts are regarded as clumsy and outrageous, openly saying "I wish you to cry" is considered bold, at least. But here, she goes on about half of the song telling him what her imagination is making up with him now. Precisely.

This description of her state of mind, of what her mind is doing, is so deep, so real, so touchy that you just have to feel like her. A fine piece of lyrics, being able to move anyone while still being not poetic, but plainly, just, "told".


Music & lyrics by Eiko Shimamiya
Arrangement by Katsuya Takase


今僕は 君がこの空の下で
ima boku wa kimi ga kono sora no shita de
but now, I am wishing that, while we're under the same sky
ma adesso sto desiderando che, da qualche parte,

dareka ni mi mo kokoro mo yogosarete
someone is staining your body and your soul
qualcuno stia sporcando il tuo corpo e la tua anima

naiteru koto wo nozonde iru'n da
making you to cry.
facendoti piangere.


こうして 今僕のイマジネーシオンは
koushite ima boku no IMAGINE-SHION wa
Right now, in my imagination,
Ecco, ora la mia immaginazione

ai shiteta bun dake
I am wishing you to cry bitter tears of regret
tanto quanto ti ho amato

kimi ni koukai no namida ni nagasasetagatteru.
just as much as I loved you.
desidera che tu versi lacrime di rimpianto.


Ozone 息が出来ないよ
Ozone iki ga dekinai yo
Ozone I can't breath!
Ozone Non riesco a respirare!

Ozone 僕が負けたままじゃ
Ozone boku ga maketa mama ja
Ozone And this how I am defeated.
Ozone E questa è dunque la mia sconfitta.

Ozone 「ごめんね」って
Ozone "Gomen ne?"-tte
Ozone the fantasy of you saying "hey, sorry darling"
Ozone "Scusa, eh" mi dici,

kakeyotte kuru mousou dake ga kusuri
and running to me is my sole medicine
e corri da me, questa fantasia è la mia unica medicina.


wasuretekurete ii
Oh, just forget it
Oh, lascia stare.

kemuri no you ni zenbu (*)
as if it was smoke, everything I said.
Fai come fosse fumo, tutto quel che ti ho detto.

だけどあの時 空がやぶれて流れ込んだ
dakedo ano toki sora ga yaburete nagarekonda
It must just have been that ray of sadness that fell flowing down
E' solo che prima il raggio di tristezza che era sgorgato giù

悲しみの光線は確かに 僕を蝕んだ
kanashimi no kousen wa tashika ni boku wo mushibanda
breaking the sky, that, for sure, burned me inside
spezzando il cielo, di sicuro, mi rodeva l'anima.


Ozone ハートが黒ずんで
Ozone HA-TO ga kurozunde
Ozone My hart blakens
Ozone Il mio cuore si annerisce

Ozone 僕が醜くなる
Ozone boku ga minikuku naru
Ozone And I become ugly
Ozone Ed io mi imbruttisco

Ozone 「さよなら」って
Ozone "Sayonara" tte
Ozone Your voice coldly saying "goodbye"
Ozone La tua voce che mi dice freddamente "addio"

itta kimi no tsumetai koe dake ga kusuri
is my sole medicine
è la mia unica medicina


ashita nante mou
I don't care if
Il domani

konakute ii
the tomorrow comes anymore
è meglio se non arriva

dakedo ano toki kagayaiteta kimi no rinkaku
until when your profile, once shining,
fintanto che il tuo profilo, che brillava, un tempo

kanashimi no kousen de subete wo yakitsukusu made
will be burned down by this ray of sadness.
sarà incenerito da questo raggio di tristezza.


nakiharashita kao wo boku no mune ni uzumeteru
Your face finally clear from tears as I bury it in my breast
Il tuo volto ormai sgombro da lacrime sprofondato nel mio seno

悲しみの幻想は確かに 僕を蝕んだ
kanashimi no gensou wa tashika ni boku wo mushibanda
is the sad delusion that burned me inside
è la triste illusione che mi rode l'anima.


(*) Actually, there isn't a precise wording in this sentence pointing out the fact that it refers to "what she is saying". Up to this moment, a listener will think that she is referring to the whole of her, or to their past story. But the sentence is left open and vague, and as soon as it enters the next verses, it becomes clear that she was referring not just to the story in its whole, but also, and mainly, to what she is doing right now, that is, her fantasizing. As occidental languages aren't able to convey that vagueness that far in the sentence construction, I had to drop part of the implied meaning (forget all about us) to let the reader know the meaning that is made clear to a Japanese listener thereafter (forgive what I said).


Wow. I always loved that song -- it's one of the best dances I've done -- and I knew it was about regrets regarding a lover... but I had no idea the level of pain within! What a splendid job you do here of translating the splendour of Eiko's work!

Posted by Rowena at Sunday, October 04, 2009 03:09:36

Fantastic dance. I bet Eiko herself would love it.

BTW; I noticed you danced also on Uzu-maki; you may be interested in its translation as well (just search Uzumaki in the search box on this site).

Then, if there are other songs that are interesting for you, I am always in search for something to translate. For example, I was going to translate Spiral Wind, next (I noticed you danced it)... Or Hikari Nadeshiko, Asunaro No Ki, or Chikai. IMHO all great songs. And there's Atlantis, Ulysses, Automaton (but its lyrics are from Kotoko and they're easier to be found tld on the net...)

Posted by Giancarlo at Wednesday, October 07, 2009 02:28:14

Wow, thanks a lot! I'm flattered you sought out the dances. I kind of wish I could send them to Eiko, as they're mostly a tribute to how her music affects me.

If you were to take suggestions, I really would like to see Automaton and Spiral Wind done, even if the former is Kotoko. Who, by the way, was my first love for Japanese music, before I found Eiko. :3

I read and enjoyed your Uzu-Maki and Kyuudou no Hito translations on my first visit here. :}

Posted by rowena at Wednesday, October 07, 2009 02:49:32

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