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This is the archive for 19 February 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Unexpected events can even be pleasant.

Yesterday, I've been asked to bring myself to the local station of the Finance Guard, for a one-time control applied randomly on new firms started last year.

Even if it's just a formal control on new-born firms, to prevent empty cover-up names to be legally provided to criminals, one may think it's quite a nuisance to loose a workday and bring your invoices into a police station for a check. And usually it is.

But contrarily to my expectations, I found the people at the office so empathic and warm that I had one of my most pleasurable morning since long. I met up with a officer being both skilled and loving I.T., so we entered immediately in a sympathetic mode.

As I was leaving the station, we took some time to talk about various arguments. As we talked, I wondered about the nice time we had, and realized that even if I had been forced to stop my restless work for half a day, that had been good indeed.

We run, run, rush to do things and never stop looking around, we're so dug into our daily troubles that we rarely see what's around, or in front of us. I felt so refreshed by the meeting that I had a feeling like taking a deep breath after a long run. And I felt like having found a new friend too.

Shuffling cards, meeting new people, going in new places, can really be good.