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This is the archive for March 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

A few verses of an Italian free spirit:

Gl'abusi un altro a criticar s'accinga,
per me da questa pasta alzo le mani:
canti ognun ciò che vuol, scriva o dipinga,
ch'io non vo' dirizar le gambe a i cani.

Let someone else to criticize the rants,
as for me, from this stuff I lift my hand right:
everyone sing, write or paint what he wants
as I don't go around turning dog legs straight


Salvator Rosa -- Tirreno

Friday, March 20, 2009

On the tiles in the walls of Milan Bovisa railway station:

Tiles in bovisa station.

One guy scratched: "You mother stones herself!"
And besides, someone else: "Well, my father too..."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Was going to write about this, but here is a much more authoritative voice than mine about Internet gagging laws being constantly sneaked in by several worthless parliamentary trash that reside in our country.

I define them trash because all this proposers have not been elected. Thanks to a law currently under trial for constitutional breakage, during the last vote, coalitions could just present a list of people they would bring in the parliament in case they got enough votes. In other words, you voted a symbol, and that included a vote for all the people being registered under that list.

In example, the last gagging law proposer, Mrs. Gabriella Carlucci, is a show-girl having worked for more than 10 years in Prime Minister's televisions; it is not easy to know about her current work situation, but she's been an employee of the Prime Minister for a long time, and she very possibly will be hired again in case she wants to do some more television. The whole parliament (996 people; fun how we can't rule 60ML ppl with 1000 ppl when USA can rule 250ML ppl with 102 ppl) is now filled up with yes-man (or yes-show-girl) as this one. A couple of them (yes-show-girls) are even Minister in our government.

Situation is bad and it only seems to get worse. The only thing that could stop this regime from completing its grip on our life is the active solidarity of foreigners from all the free world. Because this may happen, in a form or another, in any place of the world. USA had already his share of rulers being able to be elected thanks to mere popularity, and USA citizens seems to agree on the fact that this wasn't good. Same is happening in other European countries, where, thanks to UE, the citizens have been given an extra indirect layer of over-rulers which are able to decide where to allocate a big size of our NGP nearly without any control nor feedback from the electors.

Remember that a wound to freedom is a wound to YOU, even if you're not the one whose freedom is being wound. For now.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

One of the things the GC has to know about its memory, is "generically" how much memory has been allocated.

Usually, you will want to know how much memory you may expect to reclaim before start a GC loop. If the game is not worth the candle, then just wait for a better time.

The previous Falcon GC was greedingly asking to every involved element of the process to accurately account its usage of GC sensible memory. It was an enormous waste of resources, but it was necessary, at the time, to make our poor under-engineerized GC to work correctly and punch in only at suitable times.

In 0.9, I am having a global variable called "allocatedMem" to account memory allocation through the global allocation function pointer we're using for that task. In the first phase of 0.9 development I am recording memory from every allocation, through the "BaseAlloc" class which overloads new/delete and points to memAlloc. But a GCAlloc class is ready and will be applied to those BaseAlloc derived items that may end up in the stack or will do for sure (i.e. strings and core objects). This means that we're accounting everything now, while we'll be more relaxed later on as 0.9 gets more solid.

Actually, sensible objects are already derived from GCAlloc, while other objects are derived from BaseAlloc; just, memAlloc functions (used by BaseAlloc class new/delete) are pointing to the same low level functions of GCAlloc. During 0.9 devel we may remove BaseAlloc completely, or return memAlloc to point just to malloc().