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This is the archive for September 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

I tried to find a title that was worth adorning this beautiful song of Shimamiya Eiko, but I couldn't. In Japanese, Taiyou means "sun" (the same ideograms are used also in Chinese).

The music is quite ambient/electronic, with a very slow peace, with a melodic line which exalts the superb Eiko's singing skills. I can't say anything more but that the song gives me thrills since the very note Eiko sings to the last, and makes me cry of joy every time.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and the related Kubuntu (Ubuntu + KDE) works neatly with UIM, which is superior to SCIM and SKIM in many aspects. However, a couple of configuration problems gave me some headache. The problem is present also in the new upcoming Gupsy. As I need Japanese (and possibly Chinese and Korean) input system for my work, here's how I did.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Update: I brought everything in; also I removed the try/catch array and used a micro stack frame instead. This was to remove a bug, but the side effect is also much better performances in exception handling and try opcode.

In the end, I removed the three switches for parameter decoding. More finetuned tests shown that there was no performance impact using per-parameter function call, and the code is much cleaner. Also, it seems that VS8 takes greater benefit from this code layout, outperforming GCC 4.0 when using the code this way. Finally, I plan to reduce the ternary codes, so the mean impact of this approach on the generated opcodes should tend to improve as the code evolves.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I've been searching for days for a way to create RPM packages without the need of being root (that is, system administrator).
Normally, RPM builds packages by searching source files and unpacking them in the /usr tree; to put source files there, you have to be administrator, and that was the problem.

I wanted to have all the RPM build system in another place, like i.e. /home/myself/rpm/..., but tutorials and directions on the net on how to do that was sloppy, or outdated, or not working, or the three of them. I understood that there was the need to change the _topdir variable that is defined in the RPM system. I tried to set it to my preferred directory in the spec, but it didn't work; also, using personalized rpmrc file (in /etc, in my home as .rpmrc, as a custom file using command line switches to load it) but I kept having errors (something about _topdir used as an invalid token).

Finally, I found the little code that does the magic in a RedHat mailing list archive:

$ export RPM_TOP_DIR=/your/preferred/directory
$ rpmbuild --define "_topdir $RPM_TOP_DIR" -ba <specfile>

This works great. As a side note, this small code can create the tree that rpmbuild will use:

mkdir -p \