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This is the archive for February 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

I secretly planned to get rid of bison the same way I got rid of flex, one day or another.
However, rethinking about it, Bison seems not to be that bad at all. It's just that I used it a bit forcefully in the early days.

As a result, compilation errors may (supposedly, actually I have no proof of that) cause memory leaks. Some of the "early contextualizations", like i.e. creating a function context after the function declaration and the function name symbol, are a bit clumsy now that I would like to give full error detection support and error context recovery.

But that's not a problem of bison, but a problem of the early falcon compiler code.

I definitely have to fix and reshape function, classes and object declaration.

The rest is not bad, and stands quite gracefully, except, maybe, for dictionary declaration and range vs. array declarations.

But there will be time for that after beta, in the optimization round.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This genuine Italian expression means more or less "What a bad display of yourself!". I think the reason why a so compact and useful expression has entered the Italian vocabulary is that it can be applied more or less constantly to our public institutions.

Our Italian government has just been put in minority by an adverse vote of two senators and of the "officially unaligned" 6 senators for life in the upper chamber. The vote was about international policy, and in particular about Italian participation in Iraq/Afghan affair.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I generally don't like Japanese male singers. It may be a question of tastes, or it may be because the Japanese language is more adequate to be sung by women. Possibly this depends from the different language usage of Japanese male and female speakers. It may also depend on the fact that 90% of Japanese singers are writing their songs, or at least their lyrics, and it seems that female sensibility plays a major role here.

Yet, this guy is different. Suga Shikao is one of the few (very few, a couple I would say) Japanese male singers that I really like. He is simple and profound, his sound is sophisticated while his melodic lines are very nice to sing along, and he is skilled as a singer enough to be pleasurable to the ear, but not that much to loose himself in technical exploits.

This song has a very pleasant "metropolitan" sound, a bit retrĂ² but with elements of innovation, and the lyrics are pretty peculiar. Very non-japanese, if I may say, that is, very distant, if not opposite, from the usual thematics found in J-pop music.

Last but not least, this song is full of feeling, it can be heard through the words even if not knowing a word of Japanese. It is evident how much true must be this story.

Possibly one of the best songs Kokia has ever made. Her divine singing skills express the most in this slow song, very emotional, with every word floating by like a cherish on the listener. I think that Kokia may sing anything and it would be just beautiful, but this song is already beautiful on its own.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I already said that the "just do your best and everything will be fine" thematic is rather abused in Japanese POP music, yet I just can't stop loving this song. Maybe is because of the singer, Kokia; with her voice she could just sing anything and it would be still beautiful. Or maybe it's because the way she sings it: it's so direct, so hearty that's it's hard to think that she wasn't really believing in what she was singing. So she just drags you in.

The title means "dreams are strength" (or power, "chikara" means both). Kokia has recently made an acoustic (guitar only) version of this song; her voice in this latest version is nearly magic.

Monday, February 05, 2007

You would expect such a sentence to be pronounced by an IT Geek, a Guru or an IT teacher, but it isn't quite the case.

This was said, in an extremely natural tone, by one important Italian politician: Gianfranco Fini, leader of the second biggest opposition party "Alleanza Nazionale". He said this during a press conference, replying to a question about the coherence of its position about the latest government deeds.
"I never changed opinion, if you don't believe me you can search Google for my former statements."

Well, it is interesting that a politician is so well informed about how much powerful internet can be, so that it can be used as a reliable recorder of recent history. What is concerning me is the fact that he explicitly cited Google, rather than just the Internet, as a reliable source.