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This is the archive for 08 December 2006

Friday, December 08, 2006

This song is one of my favorite ever. It's just two guitars and a gentle female voice, which sings a wonderful lyrics. The second part of the song is entirely instrumental, with the voice echoing with the guitars.

Btw, I have learned to play this tune on the guitar, and I must say it's not that easy at it seems.

Always btw, this song was part of the soundtrack of Chrono Cross, a PS2 game. I have never played it, and know little about it, but it's remarkable that one of the best songs I have ever heard was in a game. I think this is another proof that when Japaneses are up to something, they always do their best.

Another cutie song from Bokura Ga Ita. This is the opening... as my wife wanted it so much!

The singer is named "mi". This song is from a girl band of three elements. Personally I don't think anyone of them is particularly skilled. The only thing that makes this song worth listening, which is the electric guitar, is played by a professional session man.

Yet the lyrics are very cute. There's nothing wrong about cute lyrics, isn't it?

Well, a cutie song.

It's part of the well furnished set of cute Ending Themes of "Bokura Ga Ita" (We were).

Actually, I am not in cuite songs at all, but my wife is. So I translated this for her.