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This is the archive for 21 December 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Arrows theorem already demonstrates (mathematically) that pure democracy is actually impossible to achieve, but I am taking it a step forward. I just state that democracy is by (mathematic/statistical) definition suboptimal.

People around the world is used to think that we Italians have a funny way to relate with laws, institutions and life in general. We're often seen as a kind of cheerful and nice brigands, making our way in life through "creative" solutions (and "creative" here is not always thought as having a positive meaning).

I suppose this is utterly true. I think also that I recently discovered the reason why: evolution, adaption and survival. A simple thing like a moving could result in a several thousand dollars worth lawsuit, if you don't outsmart several institutions, all of them trying to outsmart you.