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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well, it's pretty obvious. It's all about me.

The point is that I had a site where I stacked up a various works of mine, in no particular order. I always had the temptation to make it something better, something a bit more organized, but I never did find quite the time to do that. I had a week-off from work, and the top on my TODO list was to fix this situation.
Other than providing a place where to keep track of some works I was following, this shall be a place where I will try to record everything I do. I always believed in the fact that you can never know what can become useful in life; actually, I've been proved I was right, but while being right in principle, I had had my good spare of cold showers when I realized things I did and on which I spent so much effort on was gone. Not lost, just buried under so much dust and rust that they were nearly unusable.

"Impara l'arte e mettila da parte", an Italian proverb recites. Learn the art, and then store it away in a safe place.

That's what this site is about. To organize even the simplest, silliest job so that, if it ever comes handy, it will be ready in touch, at a click distance, wherever I may be in the world. Also, this site is driven by my will to share with the world my life and my experiences, so that I won't fade in the haze of the twilight; if just a person in the world will be able to remember me for having been useful to it just for once, I will be content.


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