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Giancarlo Niccolai

Programming Skills

My programming & applicative software skills are listed with my best application written/produced with them; the entries are listed in alphabetical order.

Operating systems

Many text windowed software for scholastic and personal researches. Viruses, Anti-viruses and copy protections.
Configuring console, X-windows and network as system root. Compiling and distributing software. Using various system and user applications (VI, Emacs, GCC, MAKE ecc.). Configured small Intranet & Apache server.
Windows 95/98
Installing, configuring, programming in C, C++, standard software packages.
Windows NT/2000/XP
Configuring networks, users and domains; installing and configuring Intranet servers (ISS).
Minor skills
CP/M, Unix, OS2, MacOSx

Programming languages

Assembler (INTEL 16/32 bit)
Viruses, Anti-viruses, copy protections, graphical routines (polygon drawing, image drawing ecc.).
Text oriented games (I was only 6-year old...), implementation of "The game of Life".
Simple utilities for Linux. Text based programs for MS-DOS. Graphical routines and libraries programs for MS-DOS. Graphical statistical (scholastic) programs for MS-DOS. Promotional film showers for windows. CGI programming. Minor Internet/ Intranet clients.
C++/Visual C++
Simple utilities for Linux. Text based programs for MS-DOS. Graphical routines & libraries programs for MS-DOS. Genetic Algorithms. Parsers, compilers, virtual machines. Artificial Intelligence and A-Life.
dBase/Clipper/Visual objects
Work management database system. Many minor database management utilities. Linear system in n-variables reduction.
Well, you're reading it...
Some professional site publishing (The one you are reading now is not a good example; it's only meant to communicate some written and graphical informations).
HTTP server; FTP server; Minor Internet/intra net servers. Reversi window based board game. Function Finder: a program based on genetic algorithms finding a nonlinear function generating a sequence of outputs, given a sequence of input.
School research scientific programs.
Reversi game self learning engine. Scripting language interpreter (used to extract data from printer spools). Various data analysis programs.
Visual Basic
Data mining software for (little) Data Warehouse systems, using Access JET drivers. Access & Excel programming.
Minor skills
Lisp, Scheme, Bourne Shell, Paradox Application Language, Inform, Perl, Python, Interbase.

Application Software

Photoshop (5.0), Illustrator, Premiere, Dimensions.
C++, Visual Objects
Draw, Photo Paint, Ventura
Photoshop 5.0
Brice 4, Painter 6
IIS, Office (professional user), Internet Explorer, Mail, Visual Basic, Visual C.
Navigator (Windows & Linux), Communicator.
Norton Utilities, Symantec Café, Norton AV.
Minor skills
Cakewalk (Midi sequencer), various trackers (MOD music, especially FastTracker 2.0 & MOD-PLUG Tracker for Windows).