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Advertising Portfolio

The following pictures have been entirely created by me, using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Metacreations Brice 4 (a great ray tracer for 3d graphics), and a few more graphic programs. The following pictures have been produced for newspaper or leaflets advertising, created by me for my current employer.

Through I am not an artist, and I have little advertising production background only, the small firm I am working in often needs a good advertising message to be ready in a few days. When this happens I analyze the communication mix, and I write down a briefing I use to guide myself in the latter stage of production. Advertising management and production vertically integrated... in a greater reality it wouldn't work, but we had a lot of success in every advertising action we took. Moreover, it's a good experience for a marketing manager; it's better to know what you are supposed to manage!

Opening of new dependences.

"A new friend in Trescore" - Newspaper ad., half page, B/W.

The text reads: "From now on, in Trescore town, there is one more friend."

The pictures of the town have been taken by me; the (Italian) coffee cup is the image suggested and realized by a local advertising provider when asked to produce a good image to carry the message of "Friendly Bank".

"Something new.../1" - Newspaper ad., heading manchette, color.
"Something new.../2" - Newspaper ad., heading manchette, color.
"There's something new in town..." - Newspaper ad., whole page, color.

The message reads: "Financial office. A different place, where you will be at your easy in speaking freely of yours investments, and where you'll be able to find the best solution of all. Come to visit us. We are waiting for you."

Here the problem was to invite our audience to try a new offer structure: the financial office (one of the firsts ever open in Italy).

The structure in the picture is a fountain partially payed by our Bank, which I reproduced on PC with Brice 4 ray tracer, starting from the raw projects. It's important to note that the fountain is front of the newborn office, so this picture uses a great deal of communicational synergy between many factors.

Bank products push.

"Serene Account" - Newspaper ad., half page, B/W.

The text reads: "There are bank accounts like that... next comes Serene Account. (the new service account of our Institute)".

In Italian, serene means both clear (sky), and calm (people).

"Orient charming" - Mailing, A4 page, B/W.

When there is the need to push a product on current customers (vertical penetration), mailing is a good media. A bank will send a lot of mail to all it's customers for contractual and legal reasons; using that channel to make some mailing it's a great deal.

The product advertised here is a bond emission issued by the Institute. The bond has a variable remuneration, based upon the NIKKEI index. Here I try to hit the non rational feelings of our target. It could seem (somehow) silly, but a complex research demonstrated that the target of this message (our Institute customers) is primarily driven by non rational reasons, even when selecting investments alternatives.

"Breaking with the past" - various media, various formats, color or B/W.

This image have been mostly realized with Brice 4 (I just love it!). The text reads: "Breaking with the past... to go towards the future." The 2% on the temple is the expected return of an Italian State Bonds investment (titles are named BOT, BTP and CCT).

Of course, here we have another Bond Issue of our Institute to advertise. But this time I decided to send an almost "institutional" message. The ad. says that we are an Institute on the edge of financial technologies (and it refers to generic "High Return Titles", not to a particular one). It's aim it's to "move" our old minded investors to new financial targets as well. This require a little dose of shock.

This has been the most troubled image I ever produced for the Institute I am working in. It's very distant from traditional Bank to client communication, at least in Italy, and the CEO of the Bank had some doubt over issuing that. Then I fine tuned it, and BOOM, it sounded great. Since it's an institutional message, it's effects are not easy to measure, but our sales mans gave us a encouraging feedback up to date.

Bank merchandising

"Internet World" - CD-rom background, CD-Rom, color.
"Wired up" - Leaflet, 1/3 A4, two pages, color.

The Bank enters the market of Internet Service Providers here; an adequate image and a right media, capable to hit a definite target (students, young people), is a must in the starting phase of the campaign.

Social Concern

"In the waiting and in the joy" - Newspaper ad., full page, color.
"Let's give them a smile" - Newspaper ad., full page, b/w.
The Institute I worked in has a definite concern in social matters. That's not marketing strategy, but real interest in solidarity. Anyway, sometimes is useful to let the audience know that we are here, and in certain occasions, that we are here to help.